About BU

Hi I'm Kristelle! Welcome and thank you for visiting my store.

I started making jewellery in 2011 as I prepared for my wedding. I wanted to get gifts for my Mother, Sister and Bridesmaids as a thank you for being the best support system. However I was also conscious that I wanted the gift to be something heartfelt, something personal to and for them. I decided that I wanted to make them something. Something that when they looked at it, they were reminded that it was made with love and especially for them. I decided to design and hand make them bracelets. The girls loved them and I found that in giving them something I also gained something, a new found passion. The rest as they say is history.

My aim and mission for Beautifully Unique is to provide jewellery that is beneficial for the Mind, Body & Soul. I want us all to remember that we are Beautifully Unique in our own right. 💜 

I decided on the name Beautifully Unique for a number of reasons. As the majority of pieces are hand produced and/or crystal based, no two pieces will look exactly the same making them Beautifully Unique. I also believe that we as individuals are all Beautifully Unique and that in life its important to just be you. Which are also the initials of the brand (BU).

My logo is simple but again there is a meaning behind it. The words expand outside/ stretch across the box as I believe that you shouldn't limit yourself to "the box" (what society, your friends, family etc. say you should do/be) but instead look to expand outside this and just  BU.

I create pieces that are either crystal based and/or provide a deeper meaning (such as crowns to remember our royal status). I want my pieces to be more than just beautiful jewellery. I want them to inspire, ignite and reconfirm self confidence in the wearer.

As a small business I really appreciate your support via orders, social media interaction and encouragement, thank you!

Kristelle x