About BU

Hello and thanks for visiting. 

I founded Beautifully Unique (BU) in 2018 originally selling jewellery that I made. Handcrafting products has always been something I enjoy, in addition to finding both relaxing and therapeutic. As we know, the COVID-19 lockdowns were hard! To aid in mental wellness and keep myself occupied I decided to learn and perfect some new skills. This has resulted in the growth of BU from just jewellery to a wider range of products.

BU is all about embracing individuality. For example, the vast majority of products are handcrafted, as such no two pieces will look exactly the same making them Beautifully Unique. Similarly crystals all have their own uniqueness as natural occurring stones.

Just as I embrace the individuality of products, I also celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of us as people. I truly believe that we are all Beautifully Unique in our own way.

The logo is simple but holds a deeper meaning. The words expand outside/ stretch across the box as I believe that you shouldn't limit yourself to "the box" (what society, your friends, family etc, say you should do/be) but instead look to expand outside this and just BU.

My aim is to provide products that inspire, ignite and re-confirm self confidence.

Head over to my Instagram (B.U_onlineboutique) to connect with the BU community, see what BU is up to and gain access to exclusives sales and give aways.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know BU a little better. 

Kristelle x