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I have only recently come back onto social media as a friend advised it was the best way to get my brand out there. I came off of it last summer as I found I was constantly comparing myself to others and it was having a negative  impact on my mental wellbeing. 

It seems that as a generation we are constantly comparing ourselves and situations to that of others. “They’re prettier, happier, more intelligent, earn more, have a better life (etc etc)  than me”. It seems to come naturally to most of us. We probably do it without even realising. I know I did. I would often “pop” onto Instagram to have a ”quick look”. An hour later I’d still be on  there and 86 weeks deep into someone’s brothers, friends, cousin's pictures.

I begun to realise how much of an illusion social media can be. There are people who according to their social media pages have it all together (my friend and I call it “doing it for the gram”) but if you meet/ talk with them in the real world their life is anything but. The spark from their relationship has gone, they’re struggling to pay their bills, hate their job, feel depressed etc and often go onto social media to compare their lives to that of others. Isn’t it funny, that we know the trap of comparison, yet it's like a scab we can't help picking.

As I mentioned, I was definitely guilty of this. When setting up my BU_Beautifully page I thought that I'd avoid the same mistakes. Oh how wrong I was! I have been working hard lately to get my website up but found myself spending hours looking at other sites and comparing mine to theirs. “Their's looks cleaner” “Maybe I should have a white border on Instagram” “Is it better to downplay my personality a bit and keep it strictly business”. It...was…draining!! Plus it really took the fun out of what should have been an exciting time for. I mean I was launching my business!

A special shout out to my amazing friends MD and JN who listened to it all. On one occasion JN gave me a tough love talking to (which is most unlike her!) her words were “You are always reminding people that they are Beautifully Unique and should value themselves so why are you questioning and undervaluing yourself?”. It was just what I needed to hear.

I aim to be authentic in all I do so my website and page are a reflection of me, Kristelle. I love nature, I love to travel, I love to laugh, I love making jewellery, I love food and I love my amazing friends and family. As such my brand and page will be a reflection of all of this and more. That's also why I decided to add a blog. I think it's nice for people to get to know the woman behind the company rather than it being an impersonal, clinical feel as that is so not me.

I'm an empath (which can be a blessing and a curse) so am often told I'm too sensitive. I had to have a word with myself and remember that although others may be similar, no one is me. It's important that we keep our eyes on our own prize and not put that comparison pressure on ourselves. After taking some time out and reflecting on the above I was able to get back to the joy and excitment  (ok and a little stress when I managed to accidently delete a whole section of  the website 3 days before launch!) of building my website. There are still tweaks I want to make to it but overall I'm happy and proud of it. Now I can focus on designing and making new pieces. 

It may seem that wherever you look people have it all together and you’re lagging behind, but believe me it's not always the case. A status update, pretty filter or tweet can hide a magnitude of pain. One of my favorite quotes is  “Be Kind, For Everyone Is Fighting A Battle You Know Nothing About”.

So with that being said, be comfortable, be your authentic self, be you and be content. Remember that we are all Beautifully Unique and have something to offer

Kristelle x


**edit** After writing this I still kept on obsessing. What can I say I'm a work in progress hahaha

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